Every Now & Then

Author: Karen Kingsbury

ISBN: 9780310266150
Pages: 311
Description: Hmmm . . . I have very mixed feelings on this book.

While I enjoyed it from the perspective that it is a clean, Christian, enjoyable piece of action-filled fiction, I also had some issues with it.

This is only the second book by Kingsbury I have read, but I am getting a distinct impression: Kingsbury is good at writing Christian themes, she’s good at writing suspense\action, she is good at writing emotion, she is good at writing clean content, but somehow, as a whole, her books just really . . . lack. The first one I read was very “meh”, and this one was the same. Just kind of left you with an “Hm. Well that happened.” Rather disappointing.

But, while this was disappointing on some levels, there was a fair bit about it I did like. The characters were all enjoyable. Alex was . . . um, depressed. I struggle to relate to and understand the depressed, “nobody could ever love me” type characters, perhaps because I am such a happy person. All in all though, his struggle was realistic, and his character arc was fairly well done. I think my favorite character was his girlfriend. I wished there was more with her POV! I could really relate to her character. Jamie and Clay were also fantastic! I love the older, mentor-type characters.

It took me a few chapters to really get into the story, but once I did, I just wanted to keep reading. The climax, of course, happened late at night, so I stayed up past 11 pm to finish it. I loved the whole police officer element – I love stories with emergency personnel as the main characters. And the whole K9 aspect was definitely fascinating.

I think what really bothered me most about this book was Kingsbury’s writing style: it’s very minimalistic in regards to punctuation, and such, which frustrated this Comma Queen. While yes, a lot of it was stylistic, and just more the way I’m used to thing\like things, there were a few instances where comma rules dictate a comma, and there wasn’t a comma. Commas are dying an unnatural death, and I don’t like it. Who cares about saving the planet? Save the commas, people!

But anyway, overall, this book just didn’t really cut it for me. If you are looking for a clean, thriller read, with strong Christian themes, then definitely give this a try.

CONTENT NOTE: The main character is a police officer, so there are various issues portrayed throughout, such as driving under the influence, arson, gun play, death, violence, and a few characters get trapped by a wildfire. For those reasons, and for somewhat deep subject matter, not recommended for anyone under the age of 15.
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